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SPN’s management structure is project-team oriented: In other words, a project management team is assigned 100% to your project. The typical project hierarchy of Principal—Senior Project Manager—Project Manager—Superintendent exists within a framework of overlapping responsibilities. This teamwork provides continuity throughout the project, and ensures the successful delivery of our services.

Beginning with the Preconstruction Phase, the Project Manager (PM) will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day communication and execution of activities according to the strategy depicted in the Master Schedule. The Senior Project Manager (SPM) will guide and provide support to the Project Manager. As a project progresses through Design Phase to the Bid and Construction Phases, the SPM and PM continue in their primary roles. They utilize and direct the supporting staff resources as required for the Bid Solicitation and Contract Awards, and direct the field operations through an Assistant Project Manager, Project Engineer, and/or Superintendent (depending on the demands of each project). It is the responsibility of the SPM and PM to coordinate all SPN resources, as well as other Project Team members, to ensure all services are performed properly and in a timely manner.

Through the project team approach, SPN encourages broad ranging responsibilities for its people while discouraging the limiting department-task oriented focus. By training people to work with all aspects of a project, SPN maximizes its ability to be fully responsive to meeting the needs of the client and to provide staffing continuity throughout a project's life.

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