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The philosophy of SPN in the delivery of Agency Construction Management services is constant and has a singular theme: Represent the Owner. SPN, Inc. has delivered exclusively Agency Construction Management services since 1978. The Agency Construction Management system is different from other systems — the profit-motivated contractor or manager is replaced with a fiduciary/agent who represents the Owner. The intent is to foster a synergistic approach to the delivery of the project. The Agency Construction Manager is a member of the project team (Owner, Architect/ Engineer, Construction Manager) and assumes a leadership position - not a position of dominance, but rather a position of service which integrates the project delivery process.

Although SPN manages the actual construction with an onsite hands-on building team, SPN never performs as a general contractor. We believe the differences in Owner relationships between ACM (fiduciary) and Contractor (adversary) are too great and run too deep to instantly change the mindset of each member of the project team when transferring from one project to the next. SPN’s exclusive relationship as a fiduciary for the Owner in every project allows us to perform our duties without the encumbrances of profit motive and without the allegiance or contractual relationships both within and beyond the project. Due to this, there is never a conflict of interest: the recommendations of the SPN staff always can and always will reflect what SPN believes to be in the best interest of the Owner.

It is this clean and clear approach which helps establish and perpetuate the open and trusting relationships we have with our clients. Essentially, SPN works with the Owner as an extension of their staff to help them manage the project delivery process. Every SPN employee understands their fiduciary role with the Owner and is committed to delivering the required services in a manner which protects and is most beneficial to the Owner.

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