SPN, Inc.

Construction Managers

Technical Capability

SPN has the sophisticated tools and technology to deal with the complexity of the building process. These include conceptual budgeting and detailed estimating programs (Winscale), customized project accounting software (PCSR), critical path scheduling software (TimeLine), and standard and customized reporting formats (Prolog). SPN also has the capacity to do fast-tracking, life cycle costing, systems analysis, and value engineering (including membership in the Society of American Value Engineers). These technical capabilities have been developed within the Agency Construction Management orientation. SPN additionally has the flexibility to customize or use alternative programs and reports to meet the needs of our clients.

Each SPN employee has been fully trained, and is capable of performing the estimating, scheduling, procurement, accounting, coordination, supervision, and inspection services we provide Owners through our Basic Services. They are skilled in using computers, including word processing, spreadsheet, estimating, scheduling, and reporting programs.


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